What to read? (cont'd)

January 1, 2018

“I have a young cat,” a friend said. “She chooses to focus on a concentrated dot of sunlight reflected onto the floor, furniture or a wall from my wristwatch when I move about a room on the south side of the house on a sunny day. It drives her crazy, and she invariably goes bounding after it. As soon as I realize her frenzied state, I move my sleeve over the watch or take it off and put it in my pocket. Then she goes on to some other pursuit, no longer distracted by a chimera.”


– – –


The U.S. government, millions of Americans and several Western governments and the citizens of their nations are like this young cat when it comes to terrorism.


Seemingly without knowing any better, and without bothering to check sufficiently, we conjured an evil, vicious, many-headed monster that hates us and our values, and we go bounding after it, having been frenzied into this warlike state by constant barrages of government and media propaganda that enable our politicians to unleash murderous forces against the “enemy.”


The wars we start, or help start, or make worse, create more enemies, and on and on. Not only trillions of dollars, but a diminishing of our moral stature and our credibility worldwide have been spent on this “War on Terror.”


Through what process did this insane, self-weakening, self-defeating phenomenon come to pass? When and how did the process begin? How can it end?


Volumes of eye-opening, highly readable books have been published that contradict and even disprove what, deplorably, is the U.S. government’s false narrative about the mass murders of Sept. 11, 2001, which the new administration of President George W. Bush rashly used to begin this war. These books should be in every library and bookstore, but as far as The Boston Globe and The New York Times (and virtually the entire U.S. press) are concerned they don’t exist.


Visitors to this website can click on some of the links at left to learn about some of them and their authors.


With luck, Boston 9/11 Truth will soon compile and make available here a list of some of the best of them.


Happy New Year!

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