Wake up!

December 23, 2017

Two days ago in this space the postscript of Sofia Smallstorm’s 2007 documentary “911 Mysteries” urged readers to become free, to step forward, to share discoveries, to take part in what she called ‘the Second Awakening.'”


Below are snippets from a Massachusetts clergyman’s sermon on the first Sunday of Advent in the Christian calendar. Whether or not he is consciously a 9/11 “truther,” his words echo Smallstorm’s:


“We … are enriched in Christ in speech…. The Grace and Peace we have are a dynamic power and energy within us that can bear fruit among us.


“The Grace we receive does not come cheaply. … True Grace bears fruit in works of love. Works of love are what we see in activities, even if they seem small in comparison with our difficulties. … Although God remains hidden in human work, in humans making themselves available for God’s work God is present in the works and knowledge of those around us.


“Some of us may realize that our own gifts and abilities could be available to the work God is doing. We are all stewards….


“Traditionally, Advent begins with the remembrance of judgment, the coming of Christ to sort us out, to speak the truth of our lives in such a way that we cannot escape from it into denial or plead ignorance.


“Scripturally, judgment always is the revelation of the truth before it is anything – the revelation of the truth.


“Disasters of [humans’] own making [including world wars, the fall of empires, financial turmoil and distress resulting from unregulated greed] – each such event is what we call an apocalypse.


“That is, it’s a tearing aside of the veil to reveal the truth that’s hidden, either because we’ve hidden it from ourselves or just closed our eyes and don’t want to know anything. That’s what the word

[apocalypse] means in Greek: the tearing aside of the curtain.


“Each such an event is an apocalypse. Each such event illustrates what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. says about history: ‘The arc of history is long, but it bends toward justice.’


“Justice arrives whenever such a moment of revelation and judgment comes….


“Advent’s assumption is that we’re NOT awake to what’s going on … because we tune it out ….


“What I say to you I say to all: Keep awake….”

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