Is the USS New York a floating affront to WTC's Victims & Survivors?

August 9, 2015

At the link above is a photo of the US Navy ship USS New York.

The Navy says they named this ship in honor of New York City, home of the 9/11/2001 World Trade Center Demolitions of the three skyscrapers WTC #7, at 47 stories, #2 at 110 stories, and #1, also at 110 stories.

But the World Trade Center Demolition Site is also known as  the site of the World’s Most Heinous, Egregious Crime Scene Destruction, Ever, wherein New York City and federal officials authorized the removal of all evidence from the crime scene where 3,000-plus people were murdered before any of the Crime Scene Investigators had a chance to do their job of examining the crime scenes and searching for evidence to determine the culprits.

They were assisted by the NYPD officers who were ordered to guard the operation — to keep investigators (including citizens with cameras) from stopping the round-the-clock criminal evidence removal.

Most of this destroyed evidence was the structural steel that made these towers so strong (that those who designed them stated they were designed to sustain multiple impacts of airlines) — that is, until rigged demolition explosives were set off.  The demolished, twisted, bent and sliced structural steel of course was prime criminal evidence, because anything you blow up captures the imprint/signature/”fingerprints” of the explosives used to do the controlled (or not) blowing up of buildings.

So how was this destruction of evidence accomplished?

It was cut up, carted off, and MELTED DOWN.

Thus was the steel bearing these imprints “wiped” of any “forensic fingerprints” — criminal evidence. The evidence, quite literally, “went up in smoke” — the smoke of the steel furnace cauldrons and crucibles in which the evidence was melted down.

Some seven (7) tons of those “fingerprints” were thus “wiped” by the United States Navy when it had those tons of evidentiary World Trade Center steel melted down and cast into the prow of the USS New York.

Thus does our US Navy, mile after nautical mile, in every one of its quotidian operations afloat, put the proverbial “sharp stick in the eye” of World Trade Center demolition survivors, relatives and poisoned first responders, and residents of New York and New Jersey who breathed the polluted, toxic air said to be safe by Christie Whitman, the then Environmental Protection Agency’s Chief.

This ship is not the “memorial to fallen Americans” the Navy claims it to be. Not at all. It is, instead, a memorial to the criminal obstruction of justice.  Those responsible for this removal of evidence should be impeached for treason and removed from office — if the Constitution is still in effect when you read this.

The bottom line (or plimsoll line, to “preserve” a nautical theme) on the USS New York is this:  It should be forthwith renamed the USS Obstruction of Justice, USS Evidence-Destroyer or USS Floating Crime-Scene Destroyer.  Or USS Constitutional Failure?

 [Key the left- and right-arrows to navigate through the navy’s photo gallery. See what you think.]

How many tons of WTC crime scene evidence was destroyed by the US military for the prow of this ship? One article puts it at 7 (seven) short tons, or 14,000 pounds. How long a column, how big a beam of steel would that be? The web says “7260 steel” weighs 7620 kilo per cubic meter; 7 US tons = 6350 kilos, or 1,500 kg shy of a cubic meter chunk of steel. You could put it in a pickup truck (if it were a “dualie”? Will a pickup haul a 7-ton cube of steel? And because there’s no info that I know of on the source of these 7 tons, we can’t tell if they were beams and trusses, or if columns near the base (4 inch thick walls on 2′ x 3′ box columns near the base of the buildings, tapering to ¼ inch thick walls at the 110th floors of #1 & 2. Then, too, a cubic meter of steel’s not all that petite–8 tons per cubic meter of 7620 steel, one ton over the 7 tons quoted. Like, only 7/8ths of a cubic meter. Check my arithmetic. I may have missed by a couple of magnitudes.)

If “truth in advertising” applied to the Navy, the caption should read: “Seven Or So Tons of Criminal Evidence from the 9/11/2001 World Trade Center demolitions is destroyed by being melted and poured for construction of the prow of the USS New York.”

It’s almost as much an affront to New Yorkers as it would be if Christie Whitman gave autographed face-masks and nano-particle filters to the surviving first Responders now dying as a result of inhaling the highly toxic air–which Whitman declared to be “safe to breathe”–at The Pile and surrounding neighborhood(s). Has Whitman been sued for her lie, directly or as a official government official’s official lie?

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