Appendix E

What I think of all this

I think that everybody knows. Maybe they don’t know that they know, and maybe, and especially, they don’t want to know but when you think about it, I think they’ve known since the beginning even while they were fighting with themselves over it. Consider this: today there are three things we are not to talk about at the dinner table; religion, politics and 9/11. How has 9/11 joined the others? The first two of these are fairly safe. Nothing new is going to be discovered. Religion is impossible to nail down; it’s pure belief. Politics is also about belief. It is a profession of using belief to control people; it’s been said that politics is not about the facts but about what can be made to be believed are the facts to secure an agenda. 9/11 has been cleansed of skepticism in the formal NIST presentation through insistent daily media repetition of that presentation over the two years that followed the event, something maintained thereafter through periodic repetition, and, so, is thereby detoxified and rendered safe to handle; it is now 99 11/25% pure belief. If there are no answers anyone will entertain, there is either endless discussion possible about it, all of which is already exhausted on the Internet and elsewhere, or no discussion. And there is no discussion because if an actual fact leaked out something would have to be done about it. Truths have consequences; they fly in the face of lies illuminating them, they threaten authority, they are subversive.

I think that that 9/11 has been added to religion and politics, tells us that we are afraid of our government. Even though there is as yet, so far as I know, no proof that puts this at the doorstep of our government, everyone immediately suspected that it was our government that was responsible. Even the discovery that nano-thermite and nano-thermate were used to cut up and remove the structure of the WTC buildings that collapsed that day and that those technologies are reputed to be military-only has not stuck to our government. If people are afraid of their government, there is something deeply wrong in the culture and society, as though the framework upon which they rest has rotted out from the inside. Nearly 3000 people from all around the world were murdered right there for the world to see on television. That the government wasn’t able to protect them is unfortunate. But if the government actually caused the deaths of those people, deliberately, in a process that took months to prepare—if not years if we include the discussions that had to have lead up to the decision to prepare the act—then we are in trouble. And I think people instinctively understand that if we are now in this much trouble, it has been this way for a long time and we’ve all been living in a fairy land, in a convenient lie, a lie taught us by our parents and that we pass down to our children. I wonder how far back it goes. We have been dulled to the reality of it, all the movies with the same government-as-evil theme, all the songs like “Ohio” about rising up to face the gargantuan evil that I wonder if we have the ability to grasp the weight of this truth if true.

A likelihood is that if we don’t hold the government to account on this (if the government is the culprit,) this will happen again the next time there is a difficult time in the congress, a deadlock, and some quick decision has to be made, or an oil pipeline proposed to cross the land of an unwilling party, or a mine for a precious metal or rare earth deemed critical to US national security located somewhere we could safely attack.

If they, the citizens, know, they already have run through the scenario I’ve outlined and are waiting as I am for the next 9/11, wondering where and when and what the formal story will be and what kind of entertainment it will make for the rest of us. It’s just that some of us, like me, are slow at picking up on all this and have to do the math and think it all out to come to the decision to which most folks may have come without knowing it by the end of the first day.

As I have worked with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth on this, the problem has not been the math or the physics but how to convey this aspect of how things happen in the real world to a public that generally does not “do” math or physics. I think that the presentations that have been made up to now are too long and too complicated however correct and thorough it might be, and have always thought that something easier to grasp, more visceral, more kinesthetic and touch-able, personally provable, has been needed. I think the ice skaters are a key, or the grocery carts in the market, or Mr. Li’s proposed project. I think I present good examples of the math in the arguments I make above. I also think that the reality of the collapses as exposed and presented here will be troubling for most people even though I think, actually, that virtually everyone already knows in their (troubled) bones that there is something very wrong with the government’s presentation of the events of 9/11.

I’d certainly like to have your feed back as to how my presentation works for you and your ideas of how to improve it.

I’d come to you through others as I was trying to find out why journalists have ignored what I think is the greatest news story this century. As I have been saying, though this has been a long presentation, it’s the words that are the problem, their linear nature, not the subject itself. Anybody who has ice skated would understand what I’ve presented instinctively. Perhaps they didn’t think to apply it to the events of 9/11. Perhaps they were too automatically, naturally, subconsciously frightened to do so. But I don’t believe journalists didn’t know or couldn’t figure 9/11 out fairly quickly. The question remains, however; why the silence? How did that happen and how has it remained? I’m thinking this is an important story and not a pretty one. What else could I think but that the media have been muzzled about 9/11? And thinking that leaves me sad. You have my long-winded, half a physics lesson proof before you. If you can refute it, I need to know that refutation. I need to see the counter arguments, but I’m confident that they don’t exist. I think we’re staring at a monster so big one has to back away from it to get a glimpse of the whole thing. So take this to your favorite physicist and ask her to go over it. It’ll be easy for her. She already knows the underlying physics and the everyday examples of it at work.